Transforming Lives One by One

We Work in Bangladesh



Bangladesh has been one of the poorest countries of the world since its inception in 1971. The country is overcrowded, poverty-stricken and disease-ridden. These people daily deal with rampant unemployment and corruption and they often live in conditions that are unthinkable.

The government of Bangladesh does not allow adoption in this country, so the only way to help support the underprivileged children is through orphanages and boarding schools.

When their families can't afford to provide for them or their parents die of malnutrition or disease, thousands of children take to the streets. In fact, one in every 15 children born in Bangladesh end up on the streets to fend for themselves.

Our Mission

Near the capital city of Dhaka we have established our first two sites. Our mission is to take these overlooked children in and give them a home, a family, food, clothing, healthcare, education and more. They thrive, and as they grow we help them to see the need to care for others in their own country.

The model for the Forgotten Children Center is to construct homes that will house up to 30 children. Once that home is filled, they begin construction of the next home as finances permit and sponsorships increase. The plan is to keep the homes small so that they will get the individualized attention, love and care that they so desperately need. The children live at the home, but go to public school and are tutored when necessary.

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